Shipping & Receiving Information

Due to the current economy we are no longer able to offer free shipping or delivery of mounts & safaris.  These services can still be arranged for a fee.

When hunting in Alaska call 907-322-0936 for our PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks studio.  Pickup at airport available. 

We offer expediting of horns, skins etc from PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks to our PRO Taxidermy studio in Klamath Falls, Oregon for our clients.

When hunting in the lower 48 send skins, horns etc to:

PRO Taxidermy
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603

Please call us ahead of time for special packing information.

If hunting out of the USA, please supply us with your name, address, Phone number & country you will be hunting in before you leave. 

We will be happy to make shipping tags & supply you with all the necessary documents & instructions you will need for that hunting trip.

Head Crating Supervisor

We work very closely with our wildlife importer to keep track of how your shipment is being handled at all times. 

PRO Taxidermy
Tyler Simington - Manager
Klamath Falls, Oregon


PRO Taxidermy
RJ Simington - Owner
Fairbanks, Alaska